The secret of what jobs will survive AI

The secret of what jobs will survive AI

What is the secret of what jobs will survive the world of AI?

Some thoughts from AI professor Michio Kaku:

Robots are good at pattern recognition but they don’t understand what they are seeing. What this means is that jobs that are non-repetitive where there is variation (construction, gardening, policing) will not be wiped out by AI. Jobs that are repetitive – such as working on the manufacturing line at car factories – will be obliterated.

Crime solving involves a high level of pattern recognition will not be replaced by AI.

“Intellectual capital – being a thought leader as a service – is where the big money is to made”

Robots and AI suffer from lack of common sense. For example, they cannot understand the concept of liquid, or feelings. What this means is that professionals or workers with job functions that require insight will rule the day in a world of AI. For example, realtors will lose out on being the people who provide listings of homes for sale but will not be obliterated because they are needed to provide common sense (insight) to home buyers on things like where to buy a home in a good neighborhood.

At the Digital Finance Institute, we don’t necessarily agree with this point because neighborhood data, such as low crime rates, are just data sets that can be coded for machine learning capabilities and would do a better statistical job at predictions than humans.

Jobs that involve middlemen – including middle management – are doomed.

Jobs that involve leadership, creativity and innovation will thrive because they involve intellectual capital and that’s where the big money is to be made – in being a leader in providing intellectual capital because those people or those services cannot be mass produced.

Professor Kaku believes we cannot mass produce a good brain and that, in a nutshell, he believes, is the secret of the world economy of the future.

We believe, however, that it is just a matter of time before we create superior thinking machines to replace us all.